Blog-o-Rama Days 11 & 12: Smile & A Mother ?>

Blog-o-Rama Days 11 & 12: Smile & A Mother

I decided to combine these two prompts because they seem to go hand in hand. My mother has rejoiced in my happiness and helped wipe away my tears, making her inextricably linked to my smiles, and since today is Mother’s Day, it seemed like a perfect fit. I chose this picture because it captured a wonderful moment in time this afternoon. We had lunch at The Claddagh Irish Pub where they were having a special Mother’s Day buffet. It was…

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Blog-o-Rama Day 10: Stars ?>

Blog-o-Rama Day 10: Stars

From the time I can remember I wanted to be an actress. I yearned to walk the red carpet, to have strangers ask for my autograph, and most of all to have the opportunity to pretend to be someone else. So, for today’s prompt, stars, I decided to blog about this long dreamed aspiration of mine. I had my shot at the acting life. It may have been brief, but I took it and in hindsight gave up too quickly….

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Blog-o-Rama, Days 8 & 9: Shapes and A Snack ?>

Blog-o-Rama, Days 8 & 9: Shapes and A Snack

  I’m killing two birds with one stone today. I neglected my blogging duties yesterday in order to attend to my teaching duties at last night’s Make It, Take It opportunity for our school’s second graders. But I am back at it tonight and rolling two prompts into one for your reading pleasure. 🙂 Yesterday’s prompt was shapes, so the snack I chose for today’s prompt is filled with lovely little squares. I always loved squares (I really am kidding)…

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Blog-o-Rama, Day 7: Something That Begins with F ?>

Blog-o-Rama, Day 7: Something That Begins with F

FUR! It happens to be one of my favorite wardrobe accessories. I’m rarely seen without at least a tuft or two dangling from my pant legs. The fur in this photo belongs to one of our two dogs, Colby Jack. His yellow fur makes him an oddball in the world of Miniature Australian Shepherds, but once I saw his picture, I had to bring him home. He brings me lots of joy and has provided endless moments of laughter in…

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Blog-o-Rama, Day 6: Broken ?>

Blog-o-Rama, Day 6: Broken

Broken… in my home, what isn’t broken? We live in a circa 1890’s farmhouse in need of lots of improvements. For today’s photo, I chose this porcelain doorknob which I bought as a replacement for one of our doors. Sadly, it has never made it to its destination. The doorknob isn’t the only occasion of brokenness in my century-old home. We have a portion of our hallway that needs either new plaster or drywall. Right now it is beautifully exposed…

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Blog-o-Rama, Day 5: Paper ?>

Blog-o-Rama, Day 5: Paper

Paper… wow! So much is made from paper! I thought about money, but that didn’t really inspire me. I thought about posting a pic of my marriage license, but that would require me digging through my house to try to locate it… nah, too ambitious for a Sunday afternoon. Then it hit me. I’ve done a ton of scrapbooking in the last fifteen years. So, I decided for this prompt that I had to post a pic of something I…

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Blog-o-Rama Day 4: In My Cup ?>

Blog-o-Rama Day 4: In My Cup

This beautiful Imperial glass belonged to my grandmother. I never actually saw her use it. It sat in a glass front cabinet in her formal dining room. I wonder if she ever filled it up and sat back in a comfy chair with a sigh. If she did, I wonder what drink she chose. Tonight, I’m drinking Beringer Red Moscato. It’s nothing fancy, but it sure is fruity and delicious. As I sit here pondering the inheritance of this stemware,…

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Blog-o-Rama Day 3: This Is Really Good! ?>

Blog-o-Rama Day 3: This Is Really Good!

  Ahhh… There’s nothing better on a Friday evening than an Anthony-Thomas fundraiser Caramel Candy Bar and a Guinness. Perfect partners, indeed! The Redbox rental of Silver Linings Playbook makes it even sweeter. Of course, I’ll need to put in some extra exercise time to counter the effects of that delicious candy, but it will be well worth it! What is your favorite Friday night snack?

May Blog-o-Rama, Day Two: Morning Ritual ?>

May Blog-o-Rama, Day Two: Morning Ritual

My morning ritual varies a great deal depending on whether or not I have to go to work. Today was unusual for a Thursday. My family and I were home from work today for a sad occasion. My husband’s grandfather passed away and today was his funeral and graveside ceremony. So, my morning ritual was more like my weekend ritual, which generally includes a breakfast of either pancakes or French toast (today was French toast), coffee, and time spent alone…

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May Blog-o-Rama! ?>

May Blog-o-Rama!

Since today is May first, I have assigned myself a new challenge. Each day this month I will blog according to the ideas listed on this image. So today’s blog post is… Uh-oh… I guess I’m not starting off so well. You see, I didn’t buy a thing today. Actually, for me that is a great thing!! Doug will be so happy with me! Oh, well… Until tomorrow, my friends.