Seventeen-year-old Carly Dalton should’ve known Asher Thompson had secrets. Why else would he be in a truck stop bar in the middle of a school night? And she definitely shouldn’t have accepted his offer. But here she was sitting in a police station keeping secrets of her own … new school, new friends, same old problems.

High school science teacher Asher Thompson only wanted to help. He first told himself that the night he pulled Carly, a rain-soaked teenager, from the floor of the local truck stop bar. Now, with the girl’s father dead and sister missing, he was doing it again, opening his home to her as a temporary guardian. But as Carly’s brutal present cracks open a door to Asher’s own painful past, he’s forced to choose … protect his student or save himself.

And Asher learned long ago … no good deed goes unpunished.


Award-winning author Alicia Anthony explores the nature of redemption and revenge in her first standalone novel. Fractals is an emotionally intense psychological thriller that explores the impact of trauma on our perception of right versus wrong. Readers of Lisa Unger, Ruth Ware, and Alice Feeney will enjoy the edge of your seat twists in this complex thriller.

Content Warning: This book contains elements of human trafficking and sexual assault which may be difficult for sensitive readers.