Stuff One Learns on a Hilton Head Dolphin Tour

Stuff One Learns on a Hilton Head Dolphin Tour

1. The tide changes every 6 hours, 12 minutes, and 25 seconds.

2. The top three most dangerous animals to people on HHI are: #3: the stingray; #2: the jellyfish; #1: (get ready…) the oyster. Yes. I said oyster.

3. Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins do something that is specific only to the salt marshes around HHI. They strand feed. That is, they drive the fish up onto the muddy banks and then beach themselves while they feed, sliding back into the marshy water when they’ve had their fill.

4. Bald Eagles are evidently not confined to the northern regions of our country (if you already knew this, I’m sorry). I saw a mated pair with their eaglet while on our expedition today.

5. Never eat an oyster that has been in water that is 72 degrees or higher. Bacteria begins to grow at that temperature which deems them unsafe to eat.

6. There is a type of bird that can drill through the shell of an oyster to get at the meat inside. Sadly I can’t remember their name… I have some research to do.

7. Live Oac trees are native to HHI and do not lose their trees in the fall, like most deciduous trees. Instead, they lose them in the spring and then regrow new leaves about two weeks later.

8. Live Oac is absolutely the best company with which to take your dolphin adventure. Our guide, Scott, was awesome! They also lead kayaking, fishing, and various other outdoor adventures. Check them out!!