Picking the deepest scars can uncover our greatest redemption.

High-school science teacher, Asher Thompson, 26, spent the better part of the last decade reinventing himself after a young prostitute was found dead with his number scrawled across her wrist. Now, with the chaos of a recently broken engagement and a fist-fight under his belt, he’s teetering dangerously close to the edge of relapse into his old life. Until Carly Dalton, a carbon copy of the girl he left to die, offers one last chance at redemption.

Seventeen-year-old Carly Dalton anticipates a lot of scenarios when she follows Asher Thompson out of a truck stop bar and into his Jeep, but the last place she thought she’d wind up is an overpriced prep school for kids whose designer jeans cost more than the tin can of a trailer she calls home. After being trafficked for the last eighteen months, Carly’s new school becomes the one place she feels safe. But when her façade of a normal life comes crashing down with the news of her father’s death and her older sister’s disappearance, Carly is forced to give up her newfound security.

Driven by a chance to right the wrongs of his past, Asher agrees to take Carly into his home. But when the reality of Carly’s victimization unravels, Asher faces renewed suspicions and the horrors of his own past, forcing him to choose between a future for Carly and his own salvation.

Her sister’s life hanging in the balance, Carly refuses to tell the police what she knows, but when evidence turns Carly from victim to suspect, she grows desperate. To save her sister, Carly must decide who to trust. A choice with the potential to end the dark chapters of the past or guarantee a nail in yet another young girl’s coffin.