Inherent Lies

A woman with coveted gifts…

An agent with a dangerous secret…

A madman with a twisted sense of revenge…

While honing her gifts as a cold-case consultant with the Dublin Garda, Liv Sullivan uncovers a personal connection to the spirits who seek her help. Revealing a chance to bring peace to the living, rather than the dead, Liv can’t resist, even if it means facing the man who broke her heart.

Special Agent Ridge McCaffrey’s decision to choose duty over desire haunts him, a mistake that nearly ended Liv Sullivan’s life. So, when a missing person’s investigation exposes a link to Liv, Ridge vows to bring her home, hoping for a second chance with the Bureau’s most valuable asset.

As they rekindle their relationship, an enemy from Ridge’s past looms dangerously close. And when Ridge’s sister is abducted, Liv is forced to choose between love and life, placing herself in the crosshairs between a corrupt psychic intelligence operation and an ex-agent with a score to settle. Can Liv stop a killer before vengeance seals her fate?





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