May Blog-o-Rama, Day Two: Morning Ritual



My morning ritual varies a great deal depending on whether or not I have to go to work. Today was unusual for a Thursday. My family and I were home from work today for a sad occasion. My husband’s grandfather passed away and today was his funeral and graveside ceremony. So, my morning ritual was more like my weekend ritual, which generally includes a breakfast of either pancakes or French toast (today was French toast), coffee, and time spent alone with my computer. Although the day was a sad one, it was spent with family and friends celebrating the life of a wonderful man. I hope he would have liked my French toast!

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2 replies to “May Blog-o-Rama, Day Two: Morning Ritual”

  1. oooo, that French Toast looks AMAZING!

  2. A Road Taken says:

    Oooo, French Toast looks AMAZING! (And I just saw your Ireland countdown–can’t wait!!!)

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